The detailed knowledge and experience achieved through generations, the careful selection of the best olives at the optimum harvest moment and a thorough production, allow us to obtain the loyalty and international recognition from most demanding palates.


Cazorla, located in the hillsides of the Nature Park of Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas (the largest protected area in Spain and second in Europe, declared by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve and Special Protection Area for Birds), is the ideal microclimate for the cultivation of olive trees. The high presence of aromatic plants differentiate our Extra Virgin Olive Oils from the rest in the geography of the province of Jaén.

logo-contenido,is an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. It becomes real thanks to a careful selection of olives each campaign.

The geographical location and traditional culture allows us to choose our olive groves in every campaign the optimal time to harvest, so we have full confidence to offer consumers the best quality of our oils.

The elaborarion of logo-contenido is fully environmentally friendly. Nature, which is our great ally, provides the best and we take care of it, of course.

The members of the Olive Oil Cooperative Cazorla cultivate their olive groves of ROYAL and PICUAL varieties in a traditional way. Royal de Cazorla is a native variety for its proximity to Sierra de Cazorla. This accounts for 10% of the total olive production and is concentrated in the municipal boundaries of Cazorla and La Iruela.The remaining 90% is covered by PICUAL variety , the main olive variety in the province of Jaén.



We work offering our highest quality for all our products, bearing the consumer in mind and, therefore, our continous dedication sets the guidelines in quality standards.

Our company is part of Designation of Origin “Sierra de Cazorla” that guarantees the cultivation, elaboration, obtaining and bottling processes of its olive oils as well as the certification of the quality of extra virgin olfcertifies the quality ofve oil. D.O. “Sierra de Cazorla” is also supported by the Certified Quality Seal of Andalusian Government.


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